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Since the very beginning, the management of our group of companies worked on developing what is today an exceptionally strong marketing base enabling the OCP group to be looked upon as leaders in this field in Lebanon.
The proof is in the achievement ... A few examples:

Persil heavy duty detergent was launched in Lebanon in 1965 against Procter and Gamble’s brand Tide that enjoyed 80 percent market share. Today Persil stands as market leader with 32 percent against P&G's megabrand Ariel.
Der General Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner was launched in the early eighties to create a new segment and enjoys today a hefty 60 percent market share while runner- up Ajax has 20 percent.

Tulip canned Hot Dogs, launched in 1965 reached market leadership against archenemy Plumrose with 40 percent in 1977 and has maintained this position since.
Al Wadi Al Akhdar, OCP's house food brand was created and launched in December 1979 to compete with long established local brands Conserves Chtaura and Cortas. Today, with 250 products, Al Wadi Al Akhdar is brand leader in most of its categories.
As a result, skilled marketing, sales and distribution has netted OCP a 10 percent share of the country's shelf space.



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